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Project managers, whether in IT or not, are faced increasingly with the requirement to implement “process-centric” requirements management. These sind business-centered process models and it is in the business where the requirements originate and are specified.  Process Modeler offers the perfect solution for you.

  • The documenting of the business processes is the most important basis of project management in order to collect complete and comprehensible requirements.

    Business processes created using the Process Modeler are easily documented and any documents, text, graphics, etc. included in or linked to the models.

  • Business processes can be enriched with figures and important information that are essential for the later automation and implementation in the organization.

    Process Modeler allows the storage of any of the attributes on the elements of a BPMN diagram. A powerful reporting feature allows you to create Excel reports from all the stored data.

  • The organizations in which business processes exist are always orthogonal to the process flow. This means that processes run straight through organizations without regard to hierarchy or corporate structures.

    Process Modeler allows you to capture your organizations and roles in the database.  These organization models can then be linked directly to the BPMN process models. e.g. BPMN lanes can be linked directly to roles.  Roles, in turn, are linked to orgnization models and eventually resources.

  • Due to tight integration with MS Office, the learning curve is very flat and user comfort is, as expected, high.  And yet, Process Modeler adds many additional features that enhance the usability even further.

    Process Modeler is a tool that scales extremely well to your project's needs. Process Modeler offers the user full functionality and is extermely easy to extend.  The central team repository is a safe bet that the project manager will be working together in an organized and controlled manner.

  • For the project manager, whether in IT or not, standards are the only way to secure the long-term economic viability of the project. More standards translate into less proprietary tie-in and less maintenance cost at a later date.

    Process Modeler is the leading tool when it comes to assuring standard compliance with BPMN 2.0, BPMN Method & Style rules or specific executable environments (e.g. environments running BPMN2 XML, XPDL, BPEL and XLANG/s).

  • Through the use of Process Modeler, the modellers learning curve flattens considerably, simply because of the fact that Microsoft Office usage is being taught in the schools these days.

    Process Modeler is the tool of choice for the leading BPMN training site BPMessentials.com.  Basis of the training is the "Method & Style" approach, defined in the book BPMN Method &Style (Bruce Silver 2011).

    BPMN Method & Style Training is carried out in the German speaking areas exclusively through our sister company  ITpearls AG.  For registration and details please click here.

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