Process Simulation

Process optimization made ​​easy

With simulations of your processes your analysis will be efficient and economical.

With a large number of simulated process cycles, you will obtain various performance measures on the efficiency, bottlenecks, resource requirements, and more. For a simulation only three elements are necessary:

  1. a BPMN process model
  2. a resource model (people, machines)
  3. the indicators, which are to be measured

Process Modeler 6 for Microsoft Visio provides for both BPMN 1.2 and 2.0 various simulation options:

Model Analysis with BPMN 2.0

Process Modeler 6 supports the use of external simulation tools. Process Modeler provides the data required for the simulation engine, according to the WfMC specifications.

Currently the tool PA Optima by Process Analytica is supported.

For more information please contact our Sales.

Model analysis and error logging with BPMN 1.2

The simulation analyzes the diagram by walking through the flows. KPI’s and gateways must be evaluated / analyzed and derived “fingerprints” stored. If you want to export to Excel, the data can be used for further analysis. The simulations can be based on a time period or a series of process iterations (process instances). To reduce the execution time, time-based passes can be played in fast motion. Process Modeler includes the KPI’s for “cost” and “time”, you can start such an analysis with a single mouse click. The most important for a realistic simulation is the appropriate definition of the KPI’s and a realistic control flow.

Datum: October 25, 2012