Model Validation

Design quality BPMN!

Process Modeler is equipped with a powerful validation module, which can be run either automatically or manually to inspect your model for quality and errors. Through the validation capabilities of the Process Modeler, you can hone your business process models with ease to the best quality. Quality assurance consists of three elements:

Syntax Validation for correct BPMN

Your diagrams are validated on demand or at run time and show you violations against the BPMN specification.

Other syntax validations such as BPEL, XLANG/s, Simulation, XPDL can be run as well, if needed.

Method and Style Validation: Good Process Models

To ensure that your models are easily legible, you can use the validation functionality to conduct a review in accordance with the rules of Method and Style by (Bruce Silver).

Method & Style is a set of rules, conventions and recommendations that leads to a meaningful and consistent use of BPMN.  It leads you to simple, readable and executable process models.

Quality measurement: the comprehensive evaluation of your models

The evaluation of the quality of your diagrams is provided by a set of reliable statistics. Alongside syntax and Method & Style validation, you also get much more information indicating correctness, complexity, expressiveness, and more.

Datum: September 23, 2012