Method & Stil Wizard

The Method & Style Wizard will automatically generate a first diagram draft based on some user input, following the Method & Style rules defined by bpmessentials.com.
The aim of the wizard is to assist the process designer in the creation of a correct, consistent, appealing and unambiguous BPMN 2.0 model with the help of pointed questions. This concept – known as “BPMN Method & Style” – has been developed by Bruce Silver and itp-commerce ltd. (2007-2014). The goals of this joint venture include:

  • Provide BPM training and certification
  • Best known for BPMN Method and Style training
  • Method and Style
  • Goal: “Good BPMN” – process logic should be clear from the printed diagram
  • Barriers to “Good BPMN”
    • The hierarchical modeling problem
      • How to trace process logic easily from parent to child level
    • Structural integrity and consistency
      • Instance of each activity must have 1:1 correspondence with process instance





General Usage

Reset: Clears all values and resets the wizard.
Preview: Generates a preview image of the diagram.
[Bring to front]: Brings the preview window to the front or re-opens it if it was closed. Only works if a diagram preview has previously been created.

Back: Takes you back to the previous step.
Next: Takes you to the next step.
Create: Creates a Visio diagram based on the collected information.
Cancel: Exits the wizard.
Help: Calls help page.

Datum: May 18, 2014