BPMNext 2014

BPMNext 2014 

BPMN Interchange Demo at OMG Technical Meeting and bpmNEXT


Do you need to move your business process models from one tool to another as part of your process improvement lifecycle? Would you like to learn more about BPMN interoperability and how BPMN can benefit your organization? Interested in meeting BPMN experts and being among the first to know about current and future technologies in business process modeling and automation? A live demonstration of BPMN Model Interchange will concurrently take place during the OMG Technical Meeting and bpmNEXT. Sign up for either event to witness this demonstration in person. The event will be hosted by Denis Gagne of OMG BPMN Model Interchange Working Group (BPMN MIWG) featuring a multitude of BPMN-based tools and platforms. Do not miss the opportunity to see a smooth and complete interchange of process models between leading software vendors.

Cannot make it? Then join the live stream of the interchange demo via this link:  Live-Stream

Participants of the demonstration include:

  • Blueworks Live from IBM
  • Bonita BPM Studio Community Edition from Bonitasoft (Open Source)
  • Oracle BPM Suite from Oracle
  • Process Modeler for Microsoft Visio from itp-commerce
  • ADONIS from BOC Group
  • camunda Modeler and camunda-bpmn.js from camunda (Open Source)
  • Signavio Process Editor from Signavio
  • W4 BPMN+ from W4 Software
  • Yaoqiang BPMN Editor from Yaoqiang
  • Activiti Designer from Alfresco (Open Source)
  • BPMN Visio Modeler and BPMN Web Modeler from Trisotech
  • With the participation of BPM.com
  • and the participation of KnowProcess.com

itp commerce joins BPMNext 2014

Conference schedule: www.bpmnext.com

Wizard-Based Generation of “Good BPMN”, Bruce Silver and Stephan Fischli, BPMessentials
There are tools that let business users generate simple diagrams from an outline, but it is not real BPMN.  Creating real BPMN – hierarchical models, consistently structured, that communicate clearly – is more difficult for business users.  We demonstrate a wizard-based tool that generates such diagrams automatically from a simple structured interview, following the Method and Style approach.

bruce90Bruce Silver is co-founder of BPMessentials, providing BPM training and certification worldwide.  He is co-chair of bpmNEXT and provides consulting to BPM technology vendors.  He served on the BPMN 2.0 technical committee in OMG and is the author of BPMN Method and Style, as well as numerous other BPM publications.  Bruce holds degrees in Physics from Princeton and MIT.
S. FischliStephan Fischli is founder and CEO of ITpearls ltd. and itp commerce ltd., both with headquarters in Bern, Switzerland. Stephan is member of OMG and played an active part in developing the BPMN standard definition.  He is a member of the Switzerland’s e-Government (eCH) standards group and there further promoting the BPMN standard. Together with Bruce Silver he is founder of the BPM training and certification network BPMessentials.com.  Stephan holds degrees in computer science and business management.
antonioAntonio Palumbo has been the lead developer of the process modeling suite “Process Modeler for Microsoft Visio” since 2009. During this time, he has been responsible for implementing the BPMN 2.0 standard as well as the “Method & Style” rule set in Process Modeler. Antonio is an active member of the BPMN Model Interchange Working Group (BPMN MIWG, http://www.omgwiki.org/bpmn-miwg). He holds a degree in computer science and has worked as a software engineer on various projects in Switzerland and abroad.


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